After a lengthy period of prayerful discernment , Arlington Presbyterian Church recently sold its building and land to be redeveloped as affordable housing. Now located in temporary worship space, the congregation is asking what ’s next – who are we called to be, what are we called to do ? We seek to hire a 'Neighborhood Pastor' to help us with our continuing discernment.

In this full - time position, the Neighborhood Pastor will help Arlington Presbyterian Church find its path and place in the south Arlington community, enabling the congregation to find an intersection between the community's needs and our gifts, and building relationships between the two. We desire our faith community be a part of the larger commun ity, to be for south Arlington -- and not merely in south Arlington.

Within the congregation, the Neighborhood Pastor will take on a strong role in fellowship and mission, focusing on connections within and without the congregation. We expect the positio n will begin with a period of listening and learning, as the Neighborhood Pastor comes to know the congregation better. As this period develops, the Neighborhood Pastor will begin identifying intersections between our spiritual and material gifts, and the community around us.

In approaching the community and its needs, the Neighborhood Pastor will have a heart for mission and a mind for community organizing, being able to work within existing institutions, form new partnerships, and build coalitions as necessary. The Neighborhood Pastor will be immersed in the community, as well as the congregation, with responsibility for staying up - to - date on local news and issues, and representing the congregation through traditional and social media.

The ideal candid ate will be mission - oriented and be comfortable with community engagement, an excellent communicator with organizational building experience. We are looking for someone who is inspirational, progressive, social - justice oriented and non - traditional. We want someone comfortable within the Reformed tradition, but restless enough to look forward to what church can become. We are open to ordained and non - ordained candidates. This position is not an installed position.

Essential functions: the Neighborhood Pastor will...

  • Make and maintain relationships with civic leaders, school counselors, public officials, non - profit leaders, and others, to figure out a) what the neighborhood needs and b) how we can pray for community leaders.
  • Join in regular conversation with neighborhood church leaders.
  • Be a participant in community groups; get a sense of our neighbors, listening to what is going on with them and meeting them where they are.
  • Develop appropriate partnerships between the congregation and the community, to o ffer support, educational classes, and other ministries, in coordination with the session, support team and pastor.
  • Work with a support team from the congregation, to discern and confirm our connection to the community, and will lead grant application - writ ing and other efforts to seek funding as needed to support the emerging mission.
  • Identify and offer outside - the - building worship opportunities such as God Talk on Tap events in local bars, communion in parks, or whatever seems appropriate and effective.

The successful candidate for this position will:

  • Be full of the love of God and Jesus and called to share the transformative power of that love.
  • Be inspirational, progressive, social - justice oriented and willing to be an advocate for non - traditional approaches to mission, ministry, and worship while honoring Scripture.
  • Love the church enough to want to see it become its fullest and brightest.
  • Have a heart for mission and an interest in sustained community engagement.
  • Be dynamic, energetic, and enthusi astic ally called to this work and ministry.
  • Be experienced in recruiting and leading core teams for new missions and ministries.
  • Be able to relate to and communicate across cultures and generations, especially using new technology and modes of communicati ons -- including email, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media.
  • Have community organizing training and/or experience, and be able to coordinate groups or factions in a common effort, where necessary.
  • Be focused on relationships, especially developing new ones across cultural, class, or demographic boundaries.
  • Have a curiosity of place and a desire to be involved in the life of our community.
  • Be excited by the diversity and multicultural nature of the Columbia Pike corridor.
  • Be self - directed, willing to take initiative on new ideas and work to see them realized.

Desirable experience:

  • Some fluency in Spanish or another language represented in south Arlington.
  • Immersive experience in non-European culture
  • Experience with grant application-writing
  • Community organizing training or experience
  • Relevant faith community work experience and/or other work experience.


The Neighborhood Pastor will be supervised by the Lead Pastor (Head of staff) and work with a support team.


Salary and other compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Inquires may be made by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.