Believing that God is calling us to examine who we are as a church community and how we are to engage with the surrounding community, the Arlington congregation will be engaged in mission redefinition for 2012. Much has been done already and much is coming. This space will be a regular update on the how, what, who, and why of our journey. The first two pieces give the recent history and some recent activity. The third piece is the pastor's focus for the first quarter of 2012. This was presented at our annual meeting earlier this year.

The 2nd quarter of 2012 was a time when we worked on getting ready for Sharon's sabbatical so that we could continue this work during the summer while she is away. Of course much of her sabbatical will include parallel work as she visits other faith communities who have done work similar to what APC is doing now - listening for God's call and taking a leap to follow that call.

We contracted with a new church development coach, the Reverend Shannon Kiser, and began working with her. A "Vision Team", volunteers from the congregation, was organized after a weekend congregational retreat in early May. This team has committed to daily spiritual practices of Bible study and prayer, regular community visits over the summer, monthly meetings with Shannon, and regular meetings of the team. The vision team volunteers are Susan Etherton, Jon Etherton, Kristine Gabster, Lorraine Gardner, Michelle Lanier, Linda Peebles, and Judy Robb. Also, Kristl Hathaway has volunteered to help with communication between the vision team and the wider congregation. There will also be regular updates from the vision team during Sunday services.

If you have questions, insights, or thoughts, please share them with us. We are excited about this journey with God and invite you to join us!

Why We Are Here

Capturings from January 28

Pastor's Focus First Quarter 2012