The APC Library contains more than 1,000 books with sections for toddlers and young readers, teens, and adults. It also houses a reference section, a wide range of periodicals, devotionals, study aids, an audio-visual section with audio cassettes of the last year of services and events, and a video section.

We loan to all APC members and friends, our library is frequently described as the best non-seminary church library in Northen Virginia.


The library is open to APC members and friends every Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and by request through the APC Church Office. In addition, the library book cart (loaded with new acquisitions, seasonal books and videos) trundles out to Coffee Hour in the Handy Chapel after each Sunday's worship service to make it easier for APC members, friends, and visitors to peruse and borrow items.

Check out and Return Procedures

A color-coded chart with call number keys is located in the library and corresponds to color-coded bookshelves to help you easily find books pertaining to your interests.

When you sign out a book using the card in the back cover, we really don't have a "due date" in mind. We want you to keep the book as long as you're reading it. Please write the check out date next to your name. Returning books is easy, too. Simply place your return on the bottom of the book cart during coffee hour or in the basket in the library on the bottom left shelf as you enter.

Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers to:

  • Suggest books or periodicals for us to purchase for the library.
  • Help shelve newly acquired books.
  • Wheel the book cart to the Walter Handy Chapel before worship for coffee hour or wheel it back. Help select seasonal books to stock the book cart.
  • Write book reviews on books you would recommend we buy or that we already have on our shelves for the Bridge newsletter.
  • Help document the archives of the church which are kept in the library.
  • Conduct oral history interviews with our older members.