The fourth Sunday of every month we gather at 5:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 a.m. Our next faith@five is Sunday, September 27.  We begin with dinner followed by worship.  Come join us!

As we continue to live into the vision God has given us, we are meeting before each faith@five for updates and conversation. On July 28, we meet at 3 p.m.  Our development partner, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) will be with us sharing a presentation on the form based code application and specs of the new building.  Afterwards, we will participate in a "naming" process--what will the new building be called?


A Season of Discernment

Recognizing that we still need to listen for God speaking in our midst, we will spend the fall in another period of discernment. Our focus during this time will be “What is the shape of the congregation during the in-between time?” That is when we leave the building and then return. Our scriptural focus for this time will be the book of Acts as outlined below. You are encouraged to read the particular passage during the week before the Sunday they are listed. As we move through this time, focus on these questions:

  • As we revisit the story of the early church, what do you sense were their primary challenges?
  • What gave them the greatest joy?
  • What were their concerns?
  • How do you hear this story speaking to us as a faith community?

Sunday worship will be constructed in such a way to help all of us think about the shape of APC during the transition and then share those thoughts with one another. Twice a month—the second and fourth Sundays—we will gather for discernment conversations. On the second Sunday, this will be following worship. On the fourth Sunday it will be the focus of faith@five worship time. A "wrap-up" of sorts will be the focus of the retreat on November 21 – 22.

September 27:
faith@five--introducing the sharing over the year based on the work of Congregational Connections (CC); from October 4 – May 29 (35 Sundays or so), someone will be invited to share their thoughts about what's coming—joy, excitement, fear, apprehension, etc. CC is developing some prompting questions to guide the sharing. We will begin with sharing of memories and acknowledging that even in the midst of excitement, there is some sadness. In a sense, we'll have the first of several "memorial" services. The scripture focus will be Luke 24:13 – 53 and Acts 1.

October 4
Acts 2

October 11
Acts 3
second Sunday gathering

October 18
Acts 4:1 – 31

October 25
Acts 4:32 – 5:11


November 1
Acts 5:12 – 42

November 8
Acts 6:1 - 7
Second Sunday Gathering

November 15
Acts 6:8 – 8:1a

November 21 - 22:
Church retreat




"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal." 1 Cor. 13:1

Manfred Elkana and Pastor Bisse before the worship service

When I decided to go to Cameroon to visit my family after ten years, I also had in mind the orphans that APC supports through the ministry of Pastor Bisse. My brother Jean-Pierre and I received a welcoming ovation on Saturday, March 21st upon our arrival in Eseka (city/town with a small population in the state of Centre, Cameroon).

I had the privilege to spend the weekend with the 33 orphans who came to meet their "father" that they heard about but never met. I was touched by the joy and gratitude that these children expressed for the financial assistance they receive from APC. Since 2008, APC pays tuition for these children and so far one of them is already ordained Presbyterian Minister, another one a civil servant and so on....

On Sunday, March 22nd, I attended the worship service during which I gave the Parish of Gweha, choir robes and French New Testaments on behalf of APC. My message that day was the Compassion of God after reading Luke 7:11-18. Over 300 people attended the worship service and I had to spend an extra night in Eseka because these children wanted to have another day with me. I thank Pastor Bisse and his wife for their hospitality and the generosity of APC. I was also blessed by the support of my mother, my brother and my uncle's wife, Angele, who attended the worship service.

Upon my return in Douala, I visited the local prison where I handed over more than twenty New Testaments in French. My aunt Solange along with her Pastor, Rev. Socki (both share the good news to the detainees every Wednesday) made this visit possible.

Family photo with some of the orphansFamily photo with some of the orphans

Messengers choir with robes from Arlington Presbyterian ChurchMessengers choir with robes from Arlington Presbyterian Church

Visit to the local jail in Douala.  On the left, Rev. Socki and far right, my aunt, SolangeVisit to the local jail in Douala.  On the left, Rev. Socki and far right, my aunt, Solange


Click the link below for more pictures and videos.

Mission to Cameroon Photo Gallery (the last four are videos!)

To God be the Glory!

Respectfully Submitted by,
Manfred Elkana Soughe